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The most advanced formulas from la Recherche Avancée L’Oréal 

Kérastase Research is spearheaded by more than 2,900 researchers at La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal in France (586 patents, 14 research centers and 13 evaluation centers).

La Recherche Avancée L'Oréal has produced some of the most advanced technology in the industry. Since its creation in 1964, Kérastase has developed such breakthrough innovations such as:

  • First capillary masque treatments
  • First hair products to offer sun protection
  • First oil and silicone micro-emulsion
  • First anti-aging masque for devitalized hair
  • First light reflective treatments for color hair

Leveraging on its strong portofolio of iconic products such as Masquintense, Fibre Architecte and Elixir Ultime, Kérastase consistently introduces new products to enhance the natural beauty of the hair.

By providing the most luxurious textures, sensorial fragrances, advanced formulas and in-salon services, Kérastase sets the standard in luxury haircare.

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